2019 Job Opportunities and Outlook in Vancouver

The job market is booming in Vancouver, making it a great time to apply for a first job or make a career change. Check out the job outlook for 2019, so you can decide which opportunity is right for you. Then, you can begin a new career for the new year.


Real estate has been hot in Vancouver, and that’s great news for the construction industry. There is currently a high demand for construction workers in Vancouver, and that’s led to higher wages. In 2018, the average entry-level wages for labourers was $18.68 an hour, while entry-level safety officers could bring home $27.31 an hour. Hourly wages are expected to increase by 5.1 per cent across the board in 2019, and demand isn’t likely to slow down anytime soon. That makes the construction industry an excellent option.

Information and Communication Technologies

It’s projected that Canada will have 182,000 openings for information and communication technologies jobs in 2019, and more than 15,500 of those will be in Vancouver. The jobs with the highest demand will include information systems analysts and consultants, computer and network operators, web technicians, and computer programmers.

There are so many available jobs due to supply and demand, an ageing workforce, and skill mismatches. You do need a degree to take on many of these jobs, but if you have the skills necessary, an ICT position can be quite rewarding.

Retail and Wholesale Trade Managers

If you are a retail or wholesale trade manager, you’re in luck. This is currently one of the fastest growing opportunities in Vancouver and all of British Columbia. Steady growth is expected over the next decade, although it will likely slow down a bit after 2023.

The reason for the job growth is two-fold. First, more than three-fourths of retail and wholesale trade managers are close to retirement age, so that will open up lots of jobs. There will also be some openings due to economic growth.

Retail and wholesale trade managers can be paid with a salary or by the hour. The average salary is $58,397, while hourly wages range from $14.42 to $52.88.

Restaurant and Food Service Managers

The job outlook for restaurant and food service managers is also excellent. The job market will expand for the next decade or so due to retiring workers and economic growth. The annual median salary is $39,105, and the hourly rate ranges from $12.67 to $38.46. If you’re interested in this industry, now is a great time to jump in, so you can begin working your way up.

Are You Ready to Start a New Career?

When you have a job market as hot as Vancouver, you can’t help but wonder if you should start a new career. Look at what you’re making now and decide if it makes sense to make a switch. If it does, get your CV together and apply for some of the job openings in Vancouver.

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