Burnaby to Stage the Largest Halloween Festival in Canada

Earlier this year Burnaby Now reported that Burnaby, British Columbia has quietly become the hub for mega-cultural festivals in Canada. And for a good reason! While Burnaby real estate is constantly on the rise, the area has become a social hub for all walks of life. They have a fantastic list of events happening year-round such as the Burnaby Blues + Roots Festival, Burnaby Chalk Art Experience and Giro di Burnaby, to name a few. Now the British Columbia town is hoping to become known for yet another major festival, and it’s a spooky one! In the year 2020, the city will launch its first-ever multi-day Halloween festival, in hopes to become the biggest of its kind in all of Canada by 2025. 

The town is drawing inspiration from the world-famous Derry Halloween Festival, a seven-day celebration that has taken part in Ireland every year since the 80s. “The award-winning Derry Halloween is now an unmissable, bucket list event, with visitors from around the world and the other world,” explains DerryHalloween.com. “[thousands are expected to] flock to our city to enjoy a spectacular festival fusing ancient myth and cutting-edge culture.” Visitors are treated to a myriad of parades, fireworks, a carnival fair, music, and other performances. The festival alone brings over 120,000 people to the U.K. city. Burnaby hopes to one day attract that same amount!

Tourism Burnaby’s executive director, Chris Peters, told city council Monday that he will attend Derry’s festival to study its successes and challenges, so his team can properly organize Burnaby’s event. “There’s no consistency; there’s no theme to these events, and they operate to various levels of success,” Peters said of existing Halloween events in Canada.” Though Peters believes that Derry is, “one city that is doing it absolutely right.”

Burnaby’s Mayor Mike Hurley, who grew up in Derry, reminisced on his happy memories surround the festival, voicing his approval of the city initiative. “They get so excited about it,” Hurley said. “The community is so involved, and it’s such a big attraction for all of Northern Ireland and, indeed, Europe. A lot of people come from all over Europe.”

As for Burnaby’s 2020’s Halloween festival, Counselor James Wang envisions it as the ideal place to showcase the various cultural communities Burnaby is known for. “All of our communities can enrich their culture,” he said, adding that it would be the perfect opportunity to share their own versions of Halloween. 

What may surprise you about Burnaby BC is that while its primary language is English (41.33% 2016 census), 14.53% of the population speaks Mandarin and 12.32% speak Cantonese! Exploring the different ways Halloween is celebrated around the world will surely attract visitors from all around Canada.

About Burnaby, BC: It is the third most populated city in BC, surpassed only by Vancouver and Surrey. It should come as no surprise that its real estate market is snowballing, attracting young professionals, families, and retirees alike. Burnaby real estate is not hard to come by, condos and townhouses to detached and semi-detached family homes are all available on the current housing market. There are also many luxury estates within Burnaby, as well as plenty of areas to develop.

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