All-Electric Bus Fleet Coming to Vancouver Public Transit

In an effort to go green and reduce carbon emissions, Metro Vancouver’s Translink bus line is attempting to add more electric buses to their routes. This comes hot on the heels of B.C Transit’s recent announcement that their entire fleet of buses is set to go electric – although it’s going to take a little time.

According to CBC, it’ll be another twenty years before the B.C Transit fleet is fully electric, with the current goal being to have the entire overhauled by 2040. Over 1,200 buses will have to be replaced, while another 350 electric buses are slated to be added in the next ten years. By contrast, it’s noted by Global that the Translink goal is to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by the year 2050.

A costly project

According to the Global report, one of the most expensive things to add are charging stations, which cost between $1.2 and 1.5 million a station – far more costly than they would be for car charging stations. As for B.C Transit, their new all-electric fleet won’t come cheap, with the federal and B. C government pledging $79 million in funding.

A worthwhile endeavor

Despite the cost, many believe that the change is overdue, with the transportation sector noted as B.C’s largest and fasted growing source of carbon pollution. Translink has already proven their commitment to the cause, with an estimated 50% of their fleet green, including 202 electric trolleys, 145 compressed natural gas buses and 255 hybrid diesel buses. Their first electric buses are already in service, with route 100 along Marine Drive serviced by these vehicles, while a pilot project is underway testing four more renewable energy buses.

The worst offender

While public transit is being overhauled to go green, it’s noted that one of the worst offenders remains delivery trucks. As more-and-more people use services like Amazon, more delivery trucks are being sent out every day, burning diesel all day long, a problem that will only get worse as eCommerce grows in popularity.

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