Month-Long Asian Dining Festival Set to Return to Metro Vancouver

Richmond, BC is widely known for being one of the best cities in North America for dining, specifically Asian cuisine.

But as with anything where there’s a lot of choices, it can be overwhelming and difficult to work your way through the list. Fear no more! An Asian Dining Festival is about to change that.

Through October and November, FEAST: Asian Dining Festival will shine a light on much of Richmond’s rich Asian food options. Residents will be able to enjoy the tastes of Cantonese, Filipino, Indian, Japanese, Korean, Persian, Shanghainese, Taiwanese, and Vietnamese cuisines without leaving the country! 

Richmond Asian Dining Festival

The month-long Asian dining festival was initiated in 2018 and thanks to popular reception from residents, it’s returning again this year. 

Taking place from October 18 through November 18, Richmond’s local Asian culinary scene will present a range of specially curated menus for residents to enjoy. Restaurants will offer options for groups of four to ten, with special dishes and recommended eats at temporary festival prices!

Why is Asian food popular in Richmond?

The abundance and quality of Asian food in Richmond originates from a boom in immigration from Asian countries and access to fresh local produce. 

Chinese or South Asian heritage represents more than 60% of Richmond residents, a much higher proportion than any other major city outside the continent of Asia. This, married with the quality of ingredients in Metro Vancouver, including seafood, means there are many incredible dishes from experienced chefs for Richmond residents to try. 

The FEAST: Asian Dining Festival is the perfect opportunity to experience new cuisines or reacquaint yourself with tastes from the past.

Richmond, BC happenings

Aside from the Asian Dining Festival, Richmond, BC hosts a selection of festivals, fairs, and markets throughout the year for residents to enjoy.  

Some of the highlights include; Richmond World Festival, a cultural event on Minoru Park featuring lots of music and family-friendly activities; Farmers and Artisan Market, an open-air seasonal market taking place on occasional Sundays; and Chinese New Year, a big 15-day celebration that sees dancing dragon and lions, drums, and cheering crowds.

The community-spirit that is embodied by these regular events is just one of the factors that is boosting Richmond’s real estate. Beautiful scenery, downtown and waterfront developments, strong economy, and the new metro line that transports residents to Vancouver’s core in 23 minutes, are other selling points. 

You can find out more about the Richmond real estate market here.

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